Current Issue Volume 4 Issue 4 (July-August 2021)

01 Entrepreneurship Milieus and Poverty mitigation: a Topical Universal Correlation Informing Poor Countries with Adverse Entrepreneurial Ecosystems   Full Text PDF
Ahmed Mutunzi Kitunzi

02 Democracy, social networks and new way of representation: Use and impact of Twitter in Brazil's 2018 legislative elections   Full Text PDF
Kyev Moura Maia || Kelly Cristina Costa Soares

03 Praxes, Issues and Challenges in Mainstreaming Gender and Development at Senior High School   Full Text PDF
Ronnell D. Dela Rosa || Joel S. Castro

04 Fromm's Consumption Alienation Theory and Its Enlightenment to China   Full Text PDF
Liu chang || Wei Hongxia

05 Armed Conflict in Somalia Reviewed From Armed Conflict and Peace Mission Perspective   Full Text PDF
Yoga Rosmanto || Rivaldo Noval Putra Santosa

06 Socioeconomic Factors and Girl Child Education (A Case Study of Some Selected Secondary Schools in Jega)   Full Text PDF
S. Muhammad || M. Danjuma (Ph.D.) || S. U. Jega || D.Samaila

07 The Experiences of a Latino Male Media Professor Work-ing in HBCUs   Full Text PDF
Dr. Luis C. Almeida
  United States

08 The Implementation of Collocation in Promoting Tourist Destinations in Tour Website   Full Text PDF
I Gusti Ngurah Adi Rajistha || Dewa Ayu Kadek Claria

09 A Study on the Difference between Organizational Learning And Learning Organization   Full Text PDF
Ailan Yuan || Anchalee Chayanuvat

10 Fado: the Soul of A Nation. Debunking Its Origin(S)   Full Text PDF
Dr. Joseph Abraham Levi

11 The Quality of Library Facilities and Services of St. Paul University Philippines Junior High School Department: From the Lens of the University’s Stakeholders   Full Text PDF
Imee C. de Polonia || Rosalinda Tanguilan || Jesus B. Pizarro

12 Saving Australia’s native flora and fauna with Aboriginal peoples’ ecological knowledge and expertise   Full Text PDF
Dr. Adam Paul Heaton

13 How the Australian aquaculture sector can optimise the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people   Full Text PDF
Dr. Adam Paul Heaton

14 Mathematics for Portuguese Students with Hearing Impairment: An exploratory study of mathematical terms/concepts used in inclusive schools   Full Text PDF
João Paulo Saraiva || Isabel Almendra || Anabela Cruz-Santos || Maria Helena Martinho

15 Gels: Effective instruments for cleaning of graphical works   Full Text PDF
Mariia Borysenko

16 Skewing in Translating English Illocutionary Force into Indonesian   Full Text PDF
I Gusti Ayu Agung Dian Susanthi

17 Analysis of Organizational learning Obstacles and How to Make Organizations Learn   Full Text PDF
Ailan Yuan || Anchalee Chayanuvat