Volume 3 Issue 5 (September-October 2020)

01 Description of the Noble Girls of Indonesian 1930s in Alisjahbana’s Selected Novels   Full Text PDF

02 Constraints to Effective Learners Disciplinary Management and Implementation Strategies by Principals in Public Secondary Schools in South Eastern Nigeria   Full Text PDF
Stanley U. Nnorom || Okonkwo, Eucharia Chinenye || Aloysius O. Ezeanolue || Benignus C. Nwankwo

03 Nexus among Infant Mortality Rate, Literacy Rate and Carbon Emission Rate compared with GDP: an Empirical Analysis in Bangladesh   Full Text PDF
Nurul Mohammad Zayed || Sheikh Abdul Kader || Shahiduzzaman Khan Shahi || Arafat Hosain Neloy || Irani Tanzeem Meem

04 The Effect of the Intensity of Accessing Instagram and Financial Literacy on the Consumptive Behavior: a Research Study   Full Text PDF
A. St. Aisyah Tibrisi || Muhammad Hasan || Muhammad Dinar || Mustari || M. Ihsan Said Ahmad

05 The Influence of Work Environment and Organizational Culture on Organization Performance Through Motivation as a Mediation Variables on Pt. Semen Baturaja (PERSERO)   Full Text PDF
Muhammad Agus Talib || Suharto || Iwan Kurniawan Subagja

06 The Effect of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Business Performance with Knowledge Management as Mediation Variables in MSMES West Java   Full Text PDF
Edi Santoso || Bomer Pasaribu || Iwan Kurniawan Subagja

07 The Usage of ‘Let Go Vandalism’ Intervention in Curbing Vandalism Behaviour among Year Five Pupils   Full Text PDF
Ruba Davi Raja Gopal || Mohd Izwan Mahmud

08 Ideological Representation of the Angngaruq Tradition of Makassar Society in Maros Regency   Full Text PDF
Ince Nasrullah || Akin Duli || Ery Iswary || Andi Muhammad Akhmar

09 Catur Dresta: Justice Income Distribution   Full Text PDF
Dharma Hartawan I Gusti Made || Oka Suryadinatha Gorda A.A.N || Eddy SupriyadinataGorda A.A.N

10 The diverse roots in the cultural mestizaje of the province of Zacatula (current Costa Grande de Guerrero), Mexico   Full Text PDF
Judith Solís Téllez

11 Articulating the Diverse Prior Experiences during Initial Teacher Training as Base to Implement Effective Competency-Based lessons in Secondary Schools in Cameroon   Full Text PDF
Yaro Loveline || Bang Clement N.

12 Online Application Development in Blended Learning to Increase Ease of Collaboration and Communication, and Students' Freedom of Thought Ability   Full Text PDF
Achmad Noor Fatirul

13 Social Communication through Hashtag (#) During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia   Full Text PDF
Susi Yunarti || Wijayanti

14 Jalpaiguri District Migration History Between 1872-2011   Full Text PDF
Mahashweta Das

15 Distributive Numerals in Buginese Language: Morfo syntax Analysis   Full Text PDF
Muhammad Nurahmad || Muhammad Darwis || Hamzah A. Machmoed || Asriani Abbas

16 Tourism Social Entrepreneurship Model with Paretto Analysis Technique at Tourism   Full Text PDF
Erlyna Hidyantari || Hardiono || Dedy Kunhadi

17 Obedience And Quality Of Public Servicesin The County : A Case Study In Kediri Regency   Full Text PDF
Ahmad Suprastiyo || Y. Warella || Hardi Warsono || Retno Sunu Astuti

18 Role of Prevention and Community Empowerment (P2M) in Anti-Drug Campaign Activities in the Millenial Generations in Education Makassar City and its Implications for Social Environmental Resilience   Full Text PDF
Patria Danianto || Sudjito || Muhamad Supraja

19 Some General-Social, Economic, History, Geo-Political and Cultural Aspects of Sikkim (India): A Review   Full Text PDF

20 Social, Economic and Cultural Perspectives in Funeral Ceremony Rambu Solo’ in Toraja Utara Regency   Full Text PDF
Jelita Nirma Matana || Thamrin Tahir || Muhammad Hasan || M. Ihsan Said Ahmad || Inanna

21 Between public and private environment: genders in dispute   Full Text PDF
PhD Elaine Pereira Daróz

22 The Analysis 0n the Development of Islamic Banks on the Growth UMKM through Monetary Policy in Indonesia   Full Text PDF
Milla Naeruz || Safrida || Yusrita || Eddi Suprayetno || Ridho Tarigan

23 The Pros and Cons of Managing Remote Teams   Full Text PDF
Delaine Goulart da Rocha || Fabiano Narciso Ribeiro || Josiane Gonçalves Borges

24 Challenges Junior High School Pupils Facein Teaching and Learning Religious and Moral Education at Selected Schoolsin the Assin North Municipality   Full Text PDF
Juliana Ivy Araba Ekuban

25 Scliar Early Literacy System: its Successful Application to Public Schools in Brazilian Northeastern   Full Text PDF
Leonor Scliar-Cabral

26 The Alignment between Career Interests and STEM Careers of Secondary School Students   Full Text PDF
Tee Yin Ai || Mohd Izwan Bin Mahmud

27 The Social Sciences and their relationship with natural and biological aspects of the Subject   Full Text PDF
Lucilene Cury || Amália Inés Geraiges de Lemos || Aparecido Pires de Moraes Sobrinho || Bruno Massola
Moda || José Cristovan de Góes || Juan Carlos Morocho Rodriguez || Laudiceia Lino de Alencar Rodrigues ||
Maria Medeiros Palazzo Rolim || Paulo Sérgio de Castro || Rodolfo das Neves Barbosa de Lima

28 Compliance of the Amil Zakat Institution as a Form of Accountability   Full Text PDF
Ahmad Kudhori || Hedi Pandowo

29 The Effect of Leadership and Management Innovation on Company Performance in Sankita Hotels with Organizational trust as a Mediation Variables   Full Text PDF
Prasetyawan || Ismail Razak || Eddy Sanusi Silitonga

30 The Influence Of The Quality Of Population Documents Service Through 3 In 1 Program To People Satisfaction In The Department Of Population And Civil Registration In North Halmahera District   Full Text PDF
Oktovianus Panusi || Muhlis Hafel || Milwan || Anfas

31 Model Penyelenggaraan Pemilu Serentak Nasional dan Lokal Di Indonesia Pasca Putusan MK No 55/PUU XVII/2019   Full Text PDF
Siti Habiba || Tunggul Anshari SN || Indah Dwi Qurbani