Volume 5 Issue 3 (March 2022)

01 Uncovering Ethnoentomological Knowledge: A Semantic Analysis of Hyponyms of Insects in Bagobo Language   Full Text PDF
Jenny T. Hernan || Mary Ann E. Tarusan

02 Integration Model of Environmental Dispute Settlement Outside the Court Between Local Communities and Corporations   Full Text PDF

03 Parenting Style and Its Relationship with Depression Among Adolescents   Full Text PDF
Nur Anies Nasyuha Azahari || Ruslin Amir

04 Life Satisfaction and Death Anxiety among Chinese Rural Elderly: Moderating Effects of Gender, Age and Spouse   Full Text PDF
Yuntian Xie || Baojuan Liu

05 Strategic Role of Indonesia in Helping Afghanistan from Humanitarian Crisis   Full Text PDF
Andi Muhammad Ilham Rusali Masdar || Puguh Santoso || Agus Adriyanto

06 Issues of Validity and Reliability in Foreign and Second Language Proficiency: A Review   Full Text PDF
Eunjeong Park
  South Korea

07 Theorizing language teacher identity: three perspectives and beyond   Full Text PDF
Phan Thi Lam

08 Multi Hazards in The Democratic Republic of Congo   Full Text PDF
Hafizh Surya Islami || Adi Subiyanto || IDK Kerta Widana || AamAmirudin || LexiJalu Aji || Mir’atul Azizah || Wilopo

09 Village fund policy in the time of covid-19 in facing economic impacts and non-millitarian threats   Full Text PDF
Predi Muliansyah || Guntur Eko Saputro || Hikmat Zakky Almubaroq

10 Factors Influencing the Career Preference of Senior High School Students during Pandemic   Full Text PDF
Jeddah B. Quiño

11 The Matrix of Human Resources Development Factors in Small and Medium Enterprises of Local Wisdom Products in Palembang   Full Text PDF
Zaleha Trihandayani || Fadhil Yamaly

12 Paradigm, Identity Formation, and Reality. Implications Homi K. Bhabha’s Third Space on Palestinian Issue through Novel “Returning to Haifa” By Ghassan Kanafani   Full Text PDF
Shorouk Thabet Ahmed I || Else Liliani

13 Political Communications for President and Vice President in The Regency of Sambas Indonesia   Full Text PDF
Bakran Suni || Elyta

14 Extent of Utilization on Technology Based Instructional Materials and Teachers’ Performance   Full Text PDF
Anacor P. Pantoñal

15 Overview of Telemedicine Services for Orthopedic & Traumatology Cases during the Second Wave of Pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia   Full Text PDF
Mulya Imansyah || Syamsunasir || Yuli Subiakto || Tri Winugroho || Junicko Sacrafian Anoraga || I Gede Manu Mahendra

16 Newspaper Editorial in Communicating Boko Haram Terrorism and Promoting Good Governance in Nigeria: A Review of Literature   Full Text PDF
Ata-Awaji Anthony Reuben || Godsgift Odiepiriye Harold || Akintoye, Festus Ayodimeji || Effiong Inyang Eden

17 A Speech Act Analysis in the Chinese Cinderella Novel   Full Text PDF
Mia Purwati

18 Strategy for Establishing Indonesian Marine Reserve Components to Face China's Gray Zone Operations in North Natuna Sea   Full Text PDF
Chalid Darmawan || Rudiyanto || Bayu Asih Yulianto

19 Comparison of Filling Mechanism for Judicial Power Positions in Some Countries in Realizing Good Indonesian Judicial Power   Full Text PDF
Fahmi H. Bachmid || Ahmad Yulianto Ihsan || Erwin Syahruddin

20 Impacts of Climate Change on Public Health: A Retrospective Analysis from the Example of the Niger Republic   Full Text PDF
Elhadji Idi Issoufou Adamou

21 Variation of Directive Speech act of Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything Movie   Full Text PDF
Cindilla Agustian

22 The Freedom of Judges in Making Decisions in Court   Full Text PDF
Bustaruddin || Retno Mawarini Sukmariningsih

23 Criminal Law Responsibility against the Performers of Spreading Hoax Fake News Performed by Antimasker Activists   Full Text PDF
Melza Astri Nurafiani || Anggraeni Endah Kusumaningrum

24 Dental Record as A Tool of Identification and Legal Evidence In Court   Full Text PDF
Zainal Abidin || Anggraeni Endah Kusumaningrum

25 Legal Regulation and Improvement of Quarantine Measures in Major Epidemic Prevention and Control   Full Text PDF
Lei Li

26 Fil-Thai Language exchange Program Experience: Exploring the Next Step Forward   Full Text PDF
Brian Saludes Bantugan || Amelia Butial || Roel Supendio

27 Art and Technology: Graphic art   Full Text PDF
Adie Anthonia Ugiebeme

28 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Images of the Natural State   Full Text PDF
James W. Ellis

29 Indonesian National Development pre 2000 vs Post 2000   Full Text PDF
Marimbun Simanjuntak || Sri Sundari || Haetami

30 Development of Six Ware Cyber Defense Framework (SWCDF) Design as a Standardization of Computer Network Protection State Defense Information System   Full Text PDF
Rudy Agus Gemilang Gultom || Ahmad Farid Wajdi

31 Civil and Military Synergism at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Preventing the Transmission of Covid-19   Full Text PDF
Nadiva Awalia Rahmah || Christine Marnani || Fauzi Bahar || Wilopo

32 Legalism and Human Freedom: Personal Authenticity on Trial   Full Text PDF
Nicholas Uchechukwu Asogwa

33 Defense Acquisition through Acceleration Of Defense Technology and Industry Mastering   Full Text PDF
Ahmad Arifin || Guntur Eko Saputro || Haetami

34 Cognitive Style (risk-caution) and its Relationship to Meta-memory Skills among Secondary School Students in the District of South Hebron   Full Text PDF
Thaer Maaytah || Rimawi Omar