Volume 6 Issue 8 (August 2023)

01 The Nature of Government Educational Policies and Its Impacts on Educational Development in Nairobi County: Kenya 1895-2010   Full Text PDF
Muema Catherine Kalungu || Moindi Kennedy Mokaya || Wambiya Pascal

02 Evaluation of ICT Integration in Performing Administrative Functions In Technical Training Institutions In Nyeri and Nairobi Counties, Kenya   Full Text PDF
Gatembu R. Mwangi || Johannes Njoka || Maurice Kimosop || Joan WakasaMurumba

03 Documentation of Akan Akuaba Dolls Using Computer Aided Design Technology   Full Text PDF
Lili Deng || Emmanuel Boakye

04 Factors Influencing Technology Adoptionvirtual Reality Tourism during the Pandemic Period in the Tourism Villages ofMunggu and Cemagi, Mengwi-Badung   Full Text PDF
Anak Agung Ayu Erna Trisnadewi || Anak Agung Sri Purnami || Anak Agung Bagus Amlayasa || I Gusti Lanang Putra

05 Environmental Analysis of the Queixada Stream Watershed In Jataí-Goiás (Brazil)   Full Text PDF
Gedeone Ferreira Lima || Adhamo Freitas Martins || Fernando Santiago do Prado || GlaucinéiaAntônia de Sateles ||
Nayanny Bruno de Oliveira Braz || João Batista Pereira Cabral

06 Prioritizing the Factors Affecting Job Burnout among Employees of the Police Force Cooperative Foundation   Full Text PDF
Dr. Mohammad Reza Rashidi || Ibrahim Amani Seyuki

07 Self-Compassion, Psychological Well-Being and Academic Stress of College Students   Full Text PDF
Dianna Rose E. Sambrana, MAP

08 Love and diasporas: women's anticolonial performances in Atlantique, by Mati Diop   Full Text PDF
Roger Gomes Ghil || Gabriela Santos Alves

09 The Case of Greece on Mentoring Programs in the Context of Erasmus+LOOP Project-Scaffolding in Teacher Development: Mentoring and Mentors in Induction Programs   Full Text PDF
Smyrnaiou, Z. || Pantazopoulou, E.1Argyri, P. || Georgakopoulou, E.

10 The Nigerian Covid-19 Experience and Rural Enlightenment: The Language Factor   Full Text PDF
Orji, Dereck-Martins Akachukwu ||Okafor, Ekene Godfrey

11 Creative Works of Modern Dance Ukrainian Choreographer Oksana Lan   Full Text PDF
Drach Tamara Leonidivna

12 The Role of Pesantren Curriculum in Shaping Students’Character of Female Mambaul Ulum Bata-Bata Islamic Boarding School, Panaan Palengann Pamekasan   Full Text PDF
Ummi Fauzah Asysyafiqoh

13 Critical Historical Study About the MultiRole of Minahasa Women   Full Text PDF
Meity J. Wowor || Sientye Suatan || Fintje Thomas

14 Implementation of Sustainable Tourism in Eastern Indonesia: A Study on Morotai Island   Full Text PDF
Mohbir Umasugi

15 Assessment of the Contribution of Various Family Structures on Juvenile Delinquency in Embu County, Kenya   Full Text PDF
Florence Gesare Miruka || Pauline Thuku || Joshia Osamba

16 Barriers to companies’ entry monopolized markets: wind energy generators   Full Text PDF
Valdir Silva da Conceição || Dayana Ferraz Silva || Marcelo Santana Silva || Daniela Souza da Silva Lima || Angela Machado Rocha

17 Opportunities and Barriers of the Balinese Family Planning Program (KB Krama Bali) in Sesetan Village   Full Text PDF
Putu Diah Wahyuning Pertiwi || Wahyu Budi Nugroho || Gede Kamajaya

18 Exploring the Culture-Nature Interface for Landscape Heritage Conservation in India   Full Text PDF
Poonam Saini || Aarti Grover

19 Herman Delago’s Representation in Singing The Batak Song “Butet”   Full Text PDF
Mastri Dihita Sagala

20 The Carnivalesque Elements of the Canterbury Tales   Full Text PDF
Dr. Mahmoud Salami

21 A Study on Translator’s Subjectivity in Julia Lovell’s Translation from the Perspective of Eco-translatology   Full Text PDF
Qingqing Wu

22 Target Needs for ESP Learners as a Restaurant Servers in English Course Denpasar   Full Text PDF
Ni Kadek Dwi Rahayu || I Gusti Ayu Gde Sosiowati || I Nyoman Sedeng

23 Physical Facilities and Its Influence in Promoting Academic Performance in Upgraded National Schools in Nyanza Region, Kenya   Full Text PDF
Jackline Akinyi || Jacinta Mary Adhiambo || Jared Anyona Ntabo

24 Digital Media and Their Role of Creating Values and Shaping The Public Opinion in the Modern Civil Society   Full Text PDF
Abdelkarim Benlaayouni

25 Symbol and Meaning of the Gunungan of Surakartanese Wayang Wahyu in the Study of Gadamer's Hermeneutics   Full Text PDF
IF. Bambang Sulistyono

26 Newspaper Framing of President Buhari’s Handling of Insecurity in Nigeria January 2016 – December 2017   Full Text PDF
Onyekwere Okpara || Kingsley Chukwuemeka Izuogu || Dennis Ugochukwu Omeonu

27 A Study on the Correlation of Sense of Hope, Coping Style and Academic Burnout among College Students   Full Text PDF
Hou Yongmei

28 The Role of Product Innovation and Entrepreneurial Passion on Performance of Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya   Full Text PDF
Kanyi Joseph Maina || Wanjau Kenneth Lawrence || KyaloTeresia N.

29 Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Leadership on the Relationship between Senior Team Attributes and Organizational Ambidexterity of Coffee Marketing Cooperative Societies in Kenya   Full Text PDF
Hesbon Mbuthia Kiura || Kenneth Wanjau || Richard Kiai

30 Case Study: application of the Borda Count system for collective decision making at the Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo   Full Text PDF
Pitshu Mulomba Mukadi

31 Parent-Child Relationship and Deviant Behavior of Juvenile Children: the Mediating Role of Domestic Violence Exposure: Basis for A Proposed Intervention Scheme   Full Text PDF

32 Neuroscience Recent Advances and Reading Processing   Full Text PDF
Leonor Scliar-Cabral

33 The Forms of Marriage in Manggarai Society   Full Text PDF
Yanpitherzon Liunokas || Fransiskus Bustan || Elisna Huan