Volume 6 Issue 9 (September 2023)

01 Implementation of Mandar Culture Based Educative Game to Improve Cognitive Ability in Early Children   Full Text PDF
Asdar || Syamsuddin || Ayu Rahayu || St.Maria Ulfah

02 Art Pedagogy, art Therapy, art Activities In art and Science   Full Text PDF
Maria Chatzilampou

03 Implementation of the School Literacy Movement In High Schools   Full Text PDF
Melda Rumia Rosmery Simorangkir

04 Google Classroom in the Teaching and Learning Process From Piaget's Perspective   Full Text PDF
Ademilson Marques de Oliveira || Marcelo Augusto Rauh Schmitt

05 Anthropomorphic Proportions in Pre-Hispanic Works. The Mesoamerican Canon   Full Text PDF
José de Jesús Flores Figureroa || Carlos Eduardo Flores Moreno

06 Christian Religious Education Teachers’ Use of Valuing Methods for Learner Value Acquisition, A Study of National Secondary Schools In Kenya   Full Text PDF
Ing’ollan Daniel Nawose || Mary Kerich

07 Relationship between Green Supply Chain Practices and Sustainability of Tea Factories in Nyeri County, Kenya   Full Text PDF
Elizabeth W. Thiro || Paul Kiumbe || Eunice Kagure

08 The Conceptualisation of Manggarai People as Arid Land Farmers on Mutual Cooperation   Full Text PDF
Fransiskus Bustan || Alexander H. Kabelen || Malkisedek Taneo

09 Influence of Automatic Teller Machines on Uptake of Products and Services in Commercial Banks in Kenya   Full Text PDF
Edwin Ireri

10 Influence of Internet Banking on Uptake of Products and Services in Commercial Banks in Kenya   Full Text PDF
Edwin Ireri || Juma Richard

11 Influence of Training on Uptake of products and services via Digital Strategies   Full Text PDF
Edwin Ireri || Juma Richard

12 Determinants Influencing Provision of Financial Resources for Infrastructure in Early Years Education in Nyeri County, Kenya   Full Text PDF
Esther Wangari Kioni || Johannes Njoka || Michael W. Gachahi

13 Rhythm in Modern Luc Bat Poetry by Nguyen Duy   Full Text PDF
Nguyen Thi Phương

14 Does Mission Matter in Senior University Leadership Effectivity – A Study of Religious and Secular University Presidents   Full Text PDF
Dr. Richard Savior

15 Pandemic, Phenomenology, and Power: Chinese Graduate Students’ Lived Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic in China   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan, PhD || Xiaomeng Chen || Susha Huang || Ke Li || Chengdong Luo || Yuanyuan Sun
|| Gensheng Wu || Guizheng Yang || Gang Yuan || Wang Zhiyu

16 COVID-19, Wikipedia, and the World Economic Forum: Knowledge Construction through a Scientism Network   Full Text PDF
Brian S. Bantugan

17 Assessing Training of Primary School Teacher’s Readiness to Implement Outcome Based Education in South East Region, Botswana   Full Text PDF
Letlhokile Motlhabanyane || Dr. Gaelebale Tsheko

18 PANDEMIC-RELATED CIVIL LIABILITY in BRAZIL: Examining Financial Compensation for Health Professionals   Full Text PDF
Edith Maria Barbosa Ramos || Paulo Roberto Barbosa Ramos || Pedro Nilson Moreira Viana || David Elias Cardoso Câmara ||
Gilmara de Jesus Azevedo Martins

19 Examining the Efficacy of Community Mobilization in Raising Adolescent Awareness of Reproductive Health Issues: In Light of the Experience of Shornokishoree Network in the Context of Bangladesh   Full Text PDF
Farzana Rashid Brownia

20 Catholic Higher Education from the Lens of Chinese Graduate Students of the College of Education of St. Paul University Manila   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan, PhD || Danqing Liu || Lilan Liu || Yiwen Peng || Xiaoxia Tang || Quanfeng Wu || Zhiye Yan

21 Trade Logistics and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Nexus: A Global Empirical Analysis Just Before the COVID-19 Pandemic   Full Text PDF
Ahmed Mutunzi Kitunzi

22 A Systematic Review on Teacher Leadership of EFL Teachers in Tertiary Education   Full Text PDF
Xiaolong Feng

23 Yoruba Language as an Interface for Trans-Border Communication in the Idiroko Borderline Community   Full Text PDF
Dhikrullah Sherifdeen Akanji

24 Cash Transfers as Humanitarian Aid: Analysis of the Viability of the “Héroes De La Salud” Program in Venezuela   Full Text PDF
Nelson Totesaut Rangel

25 The Effects of Family Issues on the Process of Formation of Young Missionaries among the Yarumal Missionaries   Full Text PDF
Tanoh Firmin Koffi

26 Challenges in the Use of English for Academic Purposes among Selected Graduate Students of St. Paul University Manila’s College of Education   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan || Huimin He || Limin Jing || Danqing Liu || Jia Liu || Jiaoxue Wang || Lizhong Wang || Xinying Xie ||
ZhijieXie || Xiaozhou Xu || Xiaona Yin || Xinghua Zhang || Jinggang Zhang || Xuelian Zhou || Jieting Zou

27 Advocating Language Used in Some Islamic Media in Reporting the Treatment of Us-Troops in the Occupied Muslim Countries   Full Text PDF
Ayub Khan || Abbas Abbas

28 A Study to Review the Green Ecology and Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry—Case Study of Coral Coast Resort Accor Vacation Club Apartments   Full Text PDF
Yan Qianwen

29 Securing Fixed Assets in Efforts to Prevent Fraud in the Public Sector (study case at the West Bandung Regency Regional Financial and Asset Agency)   Full Text PDF
Arif Afriady

30 Research on Promoting Self-regulated Learning Abilities of Preservice Early Childhood Education Teachers   Full Text PDF
Yuntian Xie

31 Application of Structural Equation Modeling on Fishery Performance Drivers and Fisheries Economic Sustainability   Full Text PDF
Rinto Agustino || Darwati Susilastuti || Sugiyanto