Volume 6 Issue 10 (October 2023)

01 Analysis of the Proportion of Capital Structure of Manufacturing Companies Registered on the IDX During the Covid-19 Pandemic (2019-2021 Period)   Full Text PDF
Ine Mayasari

02 An Action Research of the Integration of MUSIC Model and Blended Teaching to Enhance Student Motivation in EFL Education   Full Text PDF
Xiaolong Feng

03 The Influence of Internal Control System Weaknesses and Non-Compliance on Bpk Opinion on Regional Government Financial Statements   Full Text PDF
Vina Citra Mulyandani

04 Analysis of the Influence of Local Tax Revenue and Retributions to Regional Income in Bandung City   Full Text PDF
Endah Dwi Kusumastuti || Arif Afriady

05 Internalization of Islamic Moderation Values to Counter Radicalism and Terrorism   Full Text PDF
Khairil Anwar || Surawan || Ahmad Saefulloh

06 History of economic thought. Preclassical in the conception of the individual and society   Full Text PDF
Itzel Rubi Díaz Tinoco

07 Tricksters Characters as Strategies to Resist Marginalization In Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich   Full Text PDF
  Côte d'Ivoire

08 A Study of Social Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Violent Crimes   Full Text PDF
Dr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Rashidi Al Hashem

09 “Then the LORD (Man) Made a Woman”: The Patriarchy and Corporate Interests that Shaped Miss Universe 2015   Full Text PDF
Brian Saludes Bantugan, PhD

10 Jesuit Presence in Safavid Persia (1501-1736) and at the Court of جَلال الدِّین اکْبَر Jalāl Al-Dīn, Akbar, the Great (r. 1556-1605): (Failed) Dialogs and Conversions Centered on Knowledge   Full Text PDF
Dr. Joseph Abraham Levi || 雷祖善博士

11 Planting Islamic Religious Values in Elementary School Students through the Habituation Method at SDN 3 Sukarindik   Full Text PDF
Anggi Maulana Rizqi || Nazila Adistiarachma

12 Exploring Domestic Work Distribution among Gen-Z Couples in China: A Case Study   Full Text PDF
Jingnan Yang

13 SME Development Strategy for Slope of Muria Coffee Using the SWOT-AHP Approach   Full Text PDF
Eva Banowati || Andi Suryadi || Fulia Aji Gustaman || Fredy Hermanto || Arfia Setiyaningrum || Riska Widya Suryani || Ngainun Nisa

14 Selected Chinese University Teachers’ Understanding of Intercultural Competence   Full Text PDF
Zhu Jie, PhD || Brian Saludes Bantugan, PhD

15 Historical Roots of Makai Hairstyle of Elmina People of Ghana   Full Text PDF
Lydia Botsio || Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel || Emmanuel R. K. Amissah