Volume 6 Issue 11 (November 2023)

01 The system of Houses of Culture and work with cultural expressions: the case of the Voluminosas Cuba   Full Text PDF
Mg. William Ortiz Dominguez || PhD. Alicia Martínez Tena

02 Intervention Strategies for Postpartum Depression among Mothers with Newborn Babies in Nairobi County   Full Text PDF
Daphne Mukwatse, || Stephen Asatsa, phD, || Elijah Macharia, PhD

03 Determinants of Men’s Level of Participation in Family Planning in Bomet County, Kenya   Full Text PDF
Jackline C. Bii || Pacificah F. Okemwa || Zacharia W. Samita

04 Strategies of Representation and Overcoming Cultural Trauma: the Ukrainian Context   Full Text PDF
Olga Ovcharuk || Ananda Breed

05 Health Literacy of Cervical Cancer amongst Participants at Tamaki Health and Browns Bay Family Doctors Clinics in Auckland, New Zealand   Full Text PDF
Ghada Al-Najar || Nikolaos Chantziantoniou || Reenadevi Ramsaroop || Avinash Kundur || Indu Singh

06 Principals' Leadership Skills as Correlate of Students' Academic Achievement in Senior Secondary Schools in Edo State, Nigeria   Full Text PDF
OSAGIE, Constance Iyore

07 The story of experiences – the evolution of the interdisciplinarity of branding   Full Text PDF
Dr Ania A Drzewiecka
  United Kingdom

08 The Role of the Yoruba Language in the De-Escalation of the Language Conflict in the Idiroko Border Community   Full Text PDF
Dhikrullah Sherifdeen Akanji || Professor Ngoran Constantine Tardzenyuy || Mendong Margaret Besin-Mengla (PhD)

09 The Chicana as "Amphibiana" in Sandra Cisneros's Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories   Full Text PDF
Dr. Mahmoud Salami

10 Internal Audit Effectiveness in Public Sector Organizations Inghana: A Case Study of Wa Municipal Assembly   Full Text PDF
Teye Benjamin || Gu shuibin

11 Melayu Culture Learning Model With Value Clarification Approach for Internalization and Character Building   Full Text PDF
Zulfa Zulfa || Ranti Nazmi || Yelliza || Meldawati || Liza Husnita || Kaksim

12 Perceptions of Selected Nursing Students about the COVID-19 Pandemic: Investigations in Linear and Complexity Thinking   Full Text PDF
Brian Saludes Bantugan || Jennifer Joy Olivar || Maria Leah Sabayle || Portia Zoleta-Vitug

13 The Role of Ethnic Diversity in the Darfur Conflict in Sudan   Full Text PDF
Wafaa Elrasheid Ismail Mohamed || Mendong Margaret Besin-Mengla

14 The Impact of Remittances As A Source of Economic Growth In Ldcs: Case of Zimbabwe Since Independence   Full Text PDF
Alistar Tafadzwa Murapiro || Zhu Nai Ping || Liberty Mapisa

15 Collocations of Light Verb Make in Chinese Master Theses   Full Text PDF
Xinyi Ma || Chaoyong Zhao

16 Navigating the Three Edges of “Catharsis,” “Self-Proclaimed Pariah,” and “Psychic Resilience,” in Erika L. Sanchez’s Crying in the Bathroom   Full Text PDF
Amar Bahadur Sherma

17 Key issues in teaching children reading in Lungwena, Mangochi District, Malawi   Full Text PDF
Chikondi Maleta || Prof. Edrinnie Elizabeth Kayambazinthu || Dr. Patrick Kambewa || Dr. Anthony Chigeda

18 Advanceson Eating Behaviors in Children with Autistic Trait   Full Text PDF
Yahui Xiao

19 Demand and Supply: A Determinant for Availability of Secondary School Science Teachers in oyo State, Nigeria   Full Text PDF
Musibau Adeoye YUSUF

20 Network Analysis and Journal Publishing Project: A Case of Nigerian Journal of Business and Management Sciences of Department of Business Administration, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma   Full Text PDF
Ohue, P.I.Ph.D

21 The Traditional Calendar of Dry Land Farming In Manggarai Culture   Full Text PDF
Fransiskus Bustan || Elisna Huan || Gracia M. N. Otta

22 Comparisons between Argentine and Brazilian higher education: histories and effects of commodification   Full Text PDF
Sérgio Ferreira Lopes || Roney Sindeaux || João Cássio de Oliveira

23 Enhancing Mathematical Skills on Rational Algebraic Expressions through Contextualized Activity Sheets cum Video   Full Text PDF
Miriam B. Borja || Pilar B. Acorda