Volume 2 Issue 6 (November-December 2019)

01 The roles and approaches of education to sustainable development   Full Text PDF
Haishang Wu

02 Cultural Determination of Child Abuses in Urban Nigeria: A Sociological Perspective   Full Text PDF
Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Orakwe

03 Corporate Governance Practices and Organizational Effectiveness   Full Text PDF
Obamiro, J. K. (PhD) || Tijani, A. A. (PhD) || Ojo, Christopher Olubunmi

04 Interests of Britain, France and Germany in the Syrian Conflict   Full Text PDF
Hanjing YUE || Ying ZHU

05 Religious Experience and Character Building: Philosophical Study of The Spiritual Dynamics of Umar Bin Khattab(583-644 AD)   Full Text PDF
Abdul Rokhmat Sairah || Prof. M. Mukhtasar Syamsuddin || Dr. Arqom Kuswanjono

06 Hierarchy and Oppression in Medical School: Perception of Initial Grade Academics and its Repercussion on Professional Identity Formation   Full Text PDF
Joana Laura Aihara Barbosa || Júlio César André || Emerson Roberto dos Santos ||
Loiane Letícia dos Santos || Randolfo dos Santos Jr. || Sérgio Luíz Aparecido Brienze || Alba Regina de Abreu Lima

07 Historical Assessment of Nigeria as Food-Importing Nation and the Multiplier Effects of the Ban on Rice Importation by Buhari’s Administration   Full Text PDF
Olayinka Aliu. Ph.D.

08 The Study on Relationship among Self-esteem,Social Anxiety and Mobile Phone Addiction   Full Text PDF
Fu Guifang || Li Wenqian || Ding Hengyan

09 Tutor Performance in Distance Education in the Islands (Case Study: Open University, Indonesia)   Full Text PDF
Anfas || Mohbir Umasugi || Muhlis Hafel || Lisda Ariani Simabur

10 The Impact of Teaching Competency of Catechist toward the Spiritual Life of the Grade IX and X Students of Cabittaogan National High School, Philippines   Full Text PDF
Sr. EmelitaSuba-an Dumas, OSB: || TheogeniaMagallanes, Ed.D:

11 Women and the challenges of Cassava Farming and Garri Processing in Sagbama, Bayelsa State   Full Text PDF
Olayinka Aliu, Ph.D.