Volume 7 Issue 5 (May 2024)

01 Exploring Health Concerns among Chinese International Graduate Students in Manila Post-COVID-19: A Qualitative Inquiry   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan, PhD || Weiwei Chen || Yanlong Fan || Qing Feng || Jiadai Mao || Meixian Li || Xiaomei Weng

02 Exploring the Nexus of Travel, Learning, and Cultural Engagement of Chinese Graduate Students in Manila, Philippines   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan, PhD || Shule Fan || Yue Shi || Fang Tian || Xulian Wang || Mei Yang || Mo Zhu

03 Qualities and Dimensions of Holistic Core Literacy in General and Continuing Education through Calligraphy in Renmin University of China   Full Text PDF
Li Longqi || Brian Bantugan

04 A centralized cryptocurrency among decentralized cryptocurrencies: an analysis on the viability of the Petro in Venezuela   Full Text PDF
Nelson Totesaut Rangel

05 Assertive Speech Act in Barong Landung Performing Arts   Full Text PDF
Anak Agung Istri Manik Warmadewi || I Wayan Simpen || Ketut Artawa || Ketut Widya Purnawati

06 Development of behavior Modification through Worship Guidance for Increase School Interest   Full Text PDF
Elfi Mu’awanah || Ali Rohmad || Nurul Hidayah || Venytia Eka Lukitasari || Agus Purwowidodo

07 Review of Traditional Javanese Concept Chair Furniture Design at Pecel Solo Restaurant Surakarta   Full Text PDF
Valencia Audrey Santoso Budiman || IF Bambang Sulistyono

08 Influence of Social Media on Online Learning in Public Universities in Nyeri County   Full Text PDF
Jennifer Naserian Lenkakuro || Dr. Kahura Ndung’u || Dr. Tabitha Wangare

09 Natural Disaster Preparedness and Awareness of Senior High School Students   Full Text PDF
Cortes Kristine Joy O. || Tactay, Viniaflor M.

10 Naming Islamic Boarding Schools in Jember Regency: An Anthropolinguistic Study   Full Text PDF
Siti Aisyah || Albert Tallapessy || Hairus Salikin

11 Assessing the Contribution of Hospitality Education on Employees’ Performance. A Case of Kigali Serena Hotel, Rwanda   Full Text PDF
Mr. Jean Bosco UHAWENAYO || Dr. Ernest SAFARI || Mr. Benson ABUTO

12 Research Training of Chinese International Students of St. Paul University Manila   Full Text PDF
Brian S. Bantugan || Ying Du || Xiaoqing Fang || Yijun Gu || Hanfen Ji || Rong Jiang || Jia Liu || and Jian Qin

13 Creativity of Chinese International Students in St. Paul University Manila: Before, During, and After the COVID-19 Pandemic   Full Text PDF
Brian S. Bantugan || Fangrui Cui || Juan Gong || Wanxuan Li || Mengdi Liu || Yu Luo || Lili Zhang

14 Internalizing Traffic Culture through Education by Traffic Police in Minimizing Traffic Threats at Provincial Jakarta   Full Text PDF
Bakharuddin Muhammad Syah

15 Preservation of Banyumas’ Indigenous CultureEmbodied in Traditional Songs   Full Text PDF
Nani Muftihah || Sumarwati || Ani Rakhmawati

16 The Features of Human Metaphor Regarding Social Solidarity In Family Realm in Manggarai Language   Full Text PDF
Fransiskus Bustan || Arni Djenita Ludji

17 The Concept of Islamic Production in the Study Of Islamic Economic Philosophy   Full Text PDF
Pawwaz Ari Pratama || NAUPAL ASNAWI

18 Institutional Support for Research in China: Provisions, Access, and Needs   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan || Yang He || Liting Su || Wenjing Zhang || Jing Zhao || Peng Zhao || Xiaoxue Zheng

19 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Midst of Pandemic Protocols: Chinese International Graduate Students Navigating Uncertainties   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan || Nan Jiang || Yingjuan Liu || Limei Lu || Duo Zhang || Hongyin Zhang || Xinyi Zhang

20 Traffic Management Center as an Effort to Realize Security, Safety, order, and Smooth Traffic (Kamseltibcar Lantas) in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia   Full Text PDF
Bakharuddin Muhammad Syah

21 The Influence of School Heads’ Leadership Styles towards Teachers’ Levels of Stress   Full Text PDF
Vanissa Choco H. Lofranco

22 Reading Comprehension in a Multigrade Classroom   Full Text PDF
Cupid Jones O. Risonar || Jayson S. Digamon EdD || Ronnel Rey R. Delima

23 Leadership in Minangkabau (Concept Values in Tambo)   Full Text PDF
Meri Erawati || Zulfa, Zulfa || Reindy Rudagi || Indra Rahmat

24 Exploration of the Critical Thinking Disposition of Grade 1 Elementary School Students in Implementing the Integrated Mathematical Cognition Learning Flow   Full Text PDF
Villia Anggraini || Ahmad Fauzan || Yerizon || Zulfitri Aima

25 An Investigation on High School Students’ Understanding and Misconceptions of the Greenhouse Effect In Brunei Darussalam   Full Text PDF
Yee Ling Lee

26 Assessment of Status of Co-Curricular Activities on Students’ Participation in Public Secondary Schools in Nyeri and Murang’a Counties, Kenya   Full Text PDF
Muthike Winfred Ndunguri || Gitumu Margaret Wanjiru || Murage Lucy Muthoni

27 Professional Ethics Analysis in Students of Teacher Training Program in three Higher Normal Schools in the Colombian Orinoquía   Full Text PDF
Josefina Moreno Aguirre

28 Music Educators as Self-Carers and Self-Care Agents: Exploring Selected Chinese International Graduate Students’ Self-Care Practices and Their Contexts   Full Text PDF
Brian Bantugan || Lei Chai || Yan Dang || Tian Wang || Ge Zhang || Yunxia Zhang

29 Teachers' Strategies in Instilling Character Education in Elementary Schools   Full Text PDF
Erna Mena Niman

30 Scientists Warning that Nationalism or Militarism Ideologies Block the Urgently Needed Planetary Consciousness   Full Text PDF
Antonio Sarmiento Galán || Luis Tamayo Pérez

31 Manifestations of Dyslexia in Bilingual Moroccan Children: A Psycholinguistic Perspective   Full Text PDF
BOUYA Younes

32 Pre-service teachers’ use of authentic assessment to assess secondary school English grammar   Full Text PDF
Esther Nanyinza || Ecloss Munsaka || Wezzie Chiziwa

33 The Participatory Budget and Violence Against Women in Peru   Full Text PDF

34 Reception Aesthetics in Zhuangzi Translations: A Comparative Analysis of Lin Yutang And Burton Watson   Full Text PDF
Jiayi Duan